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Out of proportion

So, I thought I'd made some steady progress, I was the majority of the way through having animated the first couple of shots, and then I showed the footage to my dad...

"It's squashed!" he says, "do you really think your head was that shape?" …apparently I did! I thought the footage looked fine until he put the original video in a converter and changed the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9, and the outcome looked... normal!

Of course he's known I'd be using his old footage for months now, and tells me that all the really old videos are squashed like this, as though I should have known along - at least I didn't get further with the animating, and have focused on the bigger picture of the film *insert face-palm emoji*

And so, I start animating from the beginning again...

Original footage

Animated footage

Not-squashed footage


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