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Video Shoot 3

Video shoot 3 was where I felt I really grew as a director. This video involved two people trapped in a sheet, stapled to the wall, and twine pulled across them so they couldn’t move so easily. For this shoot I asked the models to move slowly and emphasise their limbs against the material, but not for too long so it wouldn’t look forced. I was stood behind the camera analysing how much of particular limbs were being shown, as to whether I wanted the models to use more upper/lower body parts, turn around or get low/high and directing them to do so. In addition, prior to entering the entrapped sheet, I had the models change into all black clothing inc. black gloves and socks, so that you could clearly see the contrast of the black material under the cream of the sheets.

If I were to record this video again, I would do so from an angle where you couldn’t see the corner of the room in the shot as well. I would also like to go on to experiment with recording the same video from different angles.

Concept of Video Shoots 1, 2 and 3:
"to strip the person of distinguishing features towards their identity; from the accompanying images you cannot tell the person’s gender, skin colour, religion, sexuality, height, weight etc. - they are completely unidentifiable. The lack of being able to put someone in a tick box is what I am exploring in my practice, with this piece showcasing what we would see of a person in a world without social conformity. I had the model stretch and strain against the restricting material to convey the metaphor of trying to break free of society’s restraints."

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