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What makes us human? What are our mutual identifying factors?

Entrapment aims to make the audience contemplate human identity and identifying factors, what they have in common and why they are unique. All humans breathe, need fuel and are vulnerable – this is the concept of Entrapment, what makes us equal.

Tracey Emin’s My Bed, informed the making of this work. The artwork is a visual experience of a pivotal moment in Emin’s life, a piece of personal identity that she re-created for all to see. My Bed influenced the use of bedding, rather than plain material for the creation of Entrapment, giving the artwork a sense of intimacy.

Through video projections Blyth aims to create artworks that are non-specific in identity terms, which challenge the rules and restraints society lays out for us in regards to personal identity. The artist believes societies norms should be challenged, broken down and reformed in new ways to represent the constant evolution of identity in society.

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