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An Unrestricted View: Binder-free Photography

This series of photographs were taken during my first binder-free excursion, as well as amongst the fears of Covid-19 during the UK lock-down.


Since first needing a bra as a young teenager, I had not left the house without some kind of chest-support/compression; a bra until my late teens that emphasised me blossoming into a young woman, a binder at age 18 to oppress and hide my fully grown feminine attributes and undo the work of puberty upon the realisation I was transgender, to this last year of discovering the life-changing @trans_tape to bind my chest without restricting my breathing, damaging my back and bruising my ribs while I save for top surgery. Lock-down was the break my chest needed from this continuous restrictive regime and gave my chest a chance to heal and recover from the struggles that I undergo on a daily basis by being transgender.


These photographs take you on my journey across Warrington’s many walking paths, all taken from the viewpoint of my unrestricted chest. While the photographs don’t show my anxiety-ridden footsteps, they do show the scenery, allude to the smells and help the viewer to imagine the atmosphere that calmed my self-conscious worries on these walks with loved ones.

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