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Video Shoot 2

Video shoot 2 used the same concept as video shoot 1, with using one model in the duvet cover and capturing the same straining body parts. Instead of having the model inside the cover on a table and hoisting it to the ceiling, this time I decided to try poses with the model inside the cover on the floor. The cover was pinned at it’s four corners to the adjacent walls and the floor, with twine stapled to various points across the sheet pulling it outwards towards the walls and the camera. Due to how the cover was setup, the model had more freedom of movement inside, meaning they were able to press their body into different areas of the material and pull it taut against them.

This shoot became more about photographing than videoing the movements of the model, as the material was fixed in a way that was not constricting enough for the model to strain against like the last shoot, but loose enough that the model could move to various poses that when captured best conveyed the aims of the piece.

Concept of Video Shoots 1 and 2:
"to strip the person of distinguishing features towards their identity; from the accompanying images you cannot tell the person’s gender, skin colour, religion, sexuality, height, weight etc. - they are completely unidentifiable. The lack of being able to put someone in a tick box is what I am exploring in my practice, with this piece showcasing what we would see of a person in a world without social conformity. I had the model stretch and strain against the restricting material to convey the metaphor of trying to break free of society’s restraints."

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