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Linoprints of The Text Pieces

Inspired by Gary Hume, I started creating some lino printing blocks of my text pieces. Sticking to my intentions, I carved the minimum amount of lines I could to create the shape of the person, creating a volume of hair without too much detail and small details to show what kind of clothing they were wearing in the image, but nothing too complex, especially considering this was my first time using lino.

The first person I chose to carve was Caitlyn Jenner. When creating my text pieces, I ended up going with the theme of Vanity Fair covers, and when it comes to the image for Caitlyn Jenner I feel this was the best choice. The Vanity Fair cover is probably the most iconic image of her, where she first came out and did a photo shoot and the world had to do a double take when they realised who it was that was on the cover. So I hope, that even with the minimal lines, that the print’s will still be recognisable as her, as they are to me at least.

The next person I chose to carve was Harry Styles. Unlike with the Caitlyn Jenner image, I don’t feel that the image is as recognisable as Styles. Looking at the carving, I can clearly see the image as Harry Styles, I feel like I got the hair right without adding too much detail, but the picture isn’t iconic in the way Jenner’s was, it’s just another image of Styles.

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