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The Text Pieces

Inspired by Barbara Kruger and her use of text images, I wanted to try and achieve a similar outcome using my own text and magazine images (all original images belong to @vanityfair ), much like Kruger did. I decided to focus on iconic members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, as that fit most with my checklist.

My first ‘icon’ was Harry Styles, a musician known for his androgynous style that blues the line between masculinity and femininity. Styles is known for proudly displaying the pride, trans and black lives matter flags at his concerts, as well as the cover for his latest album Fine Line being representative of the trans flag.

Secondly, I chose Caitlin Jenner - a woman world renowned for her transformation from Bruce Jenner, the Olympiad to Caitlin, her hidden self. One of the most public transformations, with the familial reaction captured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the talk of every magazine.

Thirdly, Colton Haynes, an actor known for playing characters that appear ‘as straight as they get’ and considered they idealism of masculinity’, before he came out as gay in May 2016. Since then he has re-appeared in TV shows, that he was once considered straight on and in relationships with females, as gay.

Lastly, Ru Paul, the world’s most famous drag queen and the star of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Known for being an actor, singer, songwriter, model and television personality Ru Paul has made himself a household name with his variety of drag-Queen starring shows.

The text, exempting quotes, are not necessarily representative of the individual’s views on their personal identity and are labels taken from various articles associated with the people.

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