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Study Statement: Initial Plan

1. Working Title: Defining Moments of a Trans Experience

2. Aims and Objectives:


  1. Discover my own defining moments

  2. Share my defining moments


  1. Watch/sort through old childhood footage

  2. Note significant moments in my life

  3. Interview other trans people / artist's and discover their defining moments

  4. Recreate moments on film that I don't have footage of

  5. Compile footage in a logical order, use storyboarding to help

  6. Transform footage into an animation to put a step between the footage of myself and the audience, making the film easier for a viewer to project onto

3. Context (Including Historical, Contemporary and Theoretical):

  1. Gender Recognition Laws on self ID - highlights how a doctor would not be more qualified than the individual to diagnose gender dysphoria

  2. Auto / biographical films and animations that allow you to resonate and emphasise with a person / group of people

  3. Judith Butler - gender is performative

4. Methodology:

  • Recording my thoughts and feelings on revisiting old footage / memories

  • Recording my conversations with other trans people

  • Screenshots of progress while compiling the footage

  • Video updates while animating small extracts at a time

  • Update all of these within my blog

5. Outcomes:

  1. A live-action film used for reference (this may be made clear in colour changes or background changes)

  2. An animation created from the live reference using rotoscoping

6. Work Plan:

Switch between compiling, storyboarding, creating live-footage and animating so as to not lose momentum, and spread out the close-up screen time of the detailed animation process.

7. Bibliography:

Separate live document.

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