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Aloha SPARK Animation!

On the 8th October I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dean Hamer, who alongside his husband Joe Wilson and Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu directed and produced the Oscar-nominated animation Kapaemahu. This is because my animation Felt Right Then, Feels Right Now was awarded the Special Mention, Social Message Award by the jury of SPARK Animation 2021 - BC's only Oscar-accredited film festival. I still can't quite believe the news... getting selected for SPARK for the Best Student Animation category was a huge achievement in itself, having so far only being selected for LGBTQ+-only film festivals, but to then win an award? It was the icing on a very large cake for me.

We discussed why I chose to make an animation in the first place, my artistic practice leading up to the animation, what the animation is about and why I focused on this memory, how supportive my family is and what I plan to do next... Before this discussion, I didn't know the answer to that question - I knew I wanted to make more art that's for sure (I mean I joined an MA course), but what? I had no idea. I'd had some ideas for a more Sellotape sculptures, I had some yet to be resolved ideas for animations from last year, seeing the new A-Level work being produced at my old college was making me want to delve back into the charcoal... Hearing that a Harvard Medical School graduate, New York Times Book of the Year author and Emmy and GLAAD Media award-winning filmmaker liked my work and not only wanted me to continue making animations, but enter a film festival he helped start next year? I don't think I can ignore such a glaring sign as to what I should be doing right now!

And so, Defining Moments of a Trans Experience begins...

Full interview with Dean Hamer will be available from from 28th October - 7th November through Spark Animation 2021, you can buy passes via their website Content | Spark Animation (


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