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To inspire and excite

In preparation for my first in-person session with the artist's of Little Utopias, I was asked to think about a few questions:

Three things on the ground that inspire/excite you:

  1. Music - not necessarily on the ground per say, but grounding. I've been listening to Luke Hemmings' new album When Facing the Things We Turn Away From on repeat lately, I find that it takes me on an emotional rollercoaster every time, and I'd like to emulate these feelings within my artwork.

  2. New artwork - new exhibitions and artworks by artist's that I look up to, and that inspire me to make work and be excited about the prospect of engaging and inspiring others with my own art in the same way. Artwork that inspires hope for future generations of creatives.

  3. Grass - an analogy for the human spirit, can be trampled on, neglected, parched and starved, but it has a tremendous capacity to revive itself with time, care and love, growing between the cracks in the pavement despite being trodden down.

Three things in the air/sky that inspire/excite you:

  1. Clouds - may look similar, but all different and unique in shape, size, shade, mass

  2. Rainbows - as a queer person, I'm kind of obliged to say rainbows, when doesn't a rainbow make someone feel joyful, even if just for a minute?

  3. Aeroplanes - carrying 100s of people of different gender identities, sexual orientations, race, religion, all in that one spot with a common goal

Where do you breathe most easily?

Stoupa in Greece, specifically in the sea with the calming feel of the water and sounds of the ocean surrounding me. It's where my grandparents used to live, where I learnt to swim in deep water and snorkel, going back there last summer for the first time since my sister was born , I felt calmed in a way that I hadn't in years, taken back to a simpler time with no anxieties, especially mid-pandemic this was evident.


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