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To begin again

So I restarted what I had previously animated, but where I was animating on both clips from the same footage back-to-back, I decided to spilt them up.

When I watch the previous animated footage alongside this one... yeah okay maaaybe I see what dad was saying...!

This time though, it meant I'd already had a practice run at it, and in a weird way it was like I already knew how to draw me? Even though I'm rotoscoping, quite often the lines can be blurry, or if I'm in the process of moving everything's a bit blurred and I've got to pick which one of about three overlapping Alyssa's I'm going to focus on. But I already knew exactly how to capture my nose, and my eyes, what lines would allude to my ringlets and the shape of my ear, and I got the 8 seconds done in a few hours - which sounds long, but considering it was around 200 frames, getting about 50 frames finished per hour was quite quick!


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