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The Long Day Closes (Terence Davies, 1992)

Overall take from film - use of lighting and music throughout to direct the audience's attention, look at how I can use music within my own film to direct the viewer: do I create my own music? Use someone else's? Lyrical or instrumental? All questions that I am now considering.

  • Bud, coming of age in 1950s

  • Use of music to change a scene: Young boy cheekily asking for more money, mum gives in after seeing he was quietly sitting on the stairs listening to her sing

  • Use of music to change a scene: Boy waiting outside in the pouring rain for a stranger to give him bus fare to get to the pictures, paired with upbeat music

  • Dark and dismal colour tones, working class Liverpool, terrace house

  • Spotlight used to show boy going into his imagination during class

  • Spotlight used to highlight where the boy is sat at the pictures, flickering as though it's the projector light

  • Use of old, acapella, carol-like songs that slow down and create intimate moments within the film

  • Shining torch at the night sky

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