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Something different

Through the Instagram of a curator I met after the Cassils: Human Measure exhibition last year, I have heard about this open call opportunity with Artichoke in collaboration with Martin Firrell and supported by the Out-of-Home industry.

"Encompassing thousands of public sites, from on-street billboards and digital screens to bus-shelters and train stations, with a combined reach of up to 90% of the adult population, this is an opportunity for exposure on a grand scale and to be part of the national debate."

The theme for the first exhibition is Straight White Male.

"What do these words mean in 2022?  Do you relate in any way with the theme, and if so, what would you like to say about that? Alternatively, does the theme sit uneasily with you and how would you wish to challenge it? "

I am currently sitting with the theme, thinking about how it makes me feel and how I may want to respond to this as I think it's a very relevant opportunity for me.


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