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Patiently waiting...

This will be shot 3 of Chapter 3: Coming Out. This is the moment where I've texted my mum screenshots of me telling my two best friends that I'm trans, and texted dad to say that there's a message for him on mum's phone, and I then just had to sit and wait... I'd purposely waited until they'd taken my sister out to a sports event day at the local park, so that I could pack my bag ready in case I got kicked out via text or the moment they got in.

This was definitely harder than the previous shot to rotoscope, as the majority was individually drawn frames with only odd points where my leg wasn't subtly moving or my hands weren't doing anything and I could copy and paste a few frames.

My favourite bit is probably when I throw the phone and then the stressed-out movements of the hands on my lap afterwards, I think in general the hands came out really well to be honest. Compared to my last animation Felt Right Then, Feels Right Now, this is a lot more detailed. Working on a graphics tablet compared to pieces of A4, I'm able to zoom in and really get the finer details, rotoscope directly over the lines compared to assuming the details that are too blurry to see, and I think the difference is showing already.


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