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Moving Titles

With a rough version of the intro finished, I decided to start animating the text parts: Presenting... , An Ashton Blyth Animation , Defining Moments of a Trans Experience .

I knew I wanted the writing to be handwritten, and so I debated the idea of animating it gradually being written by an invisible hand, but when thinking about it from the part of my brain that has visual processing (rather than the part that says that would look so cool), I realised that actually I would find it so much easier to read and take in what is being said if the information is there from the get-go rather than gradually being written and then suddenly disappearing because the titles are taking up too much time already!

I looked at lots of different hand-written/chalk-board-like fonts, as well as my own hand writing and created a bit of a merger (so essentially my neatest ever handwriting that I definitely wouldn't be able to reproduce) and then played with how the letter's would sit on a line, how they'd slope and stuff to make it more arty-looking. The one thing that is completely different any of my various styles of hand-writing that come out depending on the pen/paper/time of day/my mood etc (it's ridiculous how many styles I have) was the letter 'f' - nothing I seemed to write my self looked right, and so I found a nice loopy version that fit with the rest of the letters.

And of course the titles inserted into the introduction...


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