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Moontopia - show time!

In total we had 5 shows, I was unable to make the third show as I had to work though. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did with the shows - when I first signed up for this project I wasn't expecting it to go down such a performative route, but I loved every moment of it!

The full animation projected onto the moon:

The moment just before, and as, the Moon explodes. The three teams (Dragon, El Jaguar and Rabbit) have all made it to space having compiled the first letter's of their found object's to each spell out a word (BUILD, LEARN and TRUST) that summarises the Moontopia they would like to create with the Moon, if only she will take them with her! (Plot twist: they all needed to work together to build a better world, and because of our agreement to contribute to this, she has opted to stay!)

Some pictures of the show! My job was to run the Moontopia Register, my new Moontopia name was Astro Beyond and it was my job to give people their own new Moontopia name based on their initials.


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