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Images of the moon everyone brought:

  • Building a ladder to the moon

  • Moon still makes same dazzling impact

  • Moonface

  • CATS the musical moon

  • Hey diddle diddle

  • Apollo 13

  • Button Moon

  • Bear in the Big Blue House

  • Bruce Almighty - moon wrangling scene

  • 1960 book on space

  • Moonlanding image

  • Paper Moon

  • Tintin book

  • Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

  • Man in the Moon

Thinking about:

  • Scale and awe

  • The space

  • What a ladder to the moon might look like

  • Our perspective / our relationship to

  • How it's the same moon from wherever you are in the world

Working title: Moontopia

  • 1 hour long show

  • 5 audience groups

  • Moon-light and moon-sound

  • Moon trying to communicate - is a character

  • Met by two characters that introduce you to the mystery

  • Moon has had enough of being taken for granted

  • Our task is to make a case for building a utopia on the moon, each audience will have to design it, and the ladder to get there

  • Audience have to present their utopia to the moon

  • Have to connect all 5 utopias to work - moon had a plan all along

  • Potential of an aerial performer - big diva

  • Mural

  • Music key throughout - a moon jam

As a group (with Robyn and Richard), come up with the four constitutions for your utopia:

e.g. All citizens can... All citizens will... All citizens have the right to explore the narrative.

Guiding principal of "help all, harm none".

  1. All citizens have the freedom to find their way to who they are

  2. All citizens have no limitations to morphing their physical being

  3. All citizens have the right to manifest in reality the output of their imagination

  4. All citizens have the right to consider and empathise with others


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