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I needed a break from editing...

… so I started to animate!

As I said in my study statement, I need to interchange whether I'm editing or animating so I don't get fed up of doing one thing for a prolonged period of time. I started with the first couple of clips in the introduction, as they are both from the same footage originally.

I'm only doing the foreground (me) to begin with, with the plan of doing the foreground of clips before the background and finally colour - I won't be spending as much time looking at the same clip consecutively so I'm less likely to lose the momentum, and I should end up with some semblance of a finished film by the end of the course - even if it's not as finished as I want it to be.

I'm really pleased with how it's looking so far (this isn't the finished foreground for the two clips). From this first clip, I can tell that if by the end of the year what I have is a film that looks as simplistic as this - no colour or background - I'd still be happy with what I'd accomplished. Even though this doesn't include any narration, so you can't tell what it's meant to be saying (at this point it's just me saying my name and how old I am), I don't think you need the background to gain the same understanding of it, or appreciate the effort that's gone into it more.


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