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I feel assured.

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney Date: Wednesday 17th November 2021

I had my first tutorial with Jonathan today, it was good to finally get some 1-to-1 assurance that what I'm doing in my project, and more widely with my practice as a whole is okay and I'm taking things in the right direction. Although it may feel like I've not created much thus far, a good chunk of my project is the reflection by going through all the old family footage and letting that evoke other memories that relate to my journey of finding my identity. And from that, creating a film to rotoscope from.

I told him that the most valuable thing I can get from him throughout this project is his assurance, that what I'm producing is worth creating, and has a value in the contemporary art world. Not only did I feel assured in what I'm doing from this conversation, I finally felt like my practice, my past artworks and my motives, were understood by someone and we were able to actually have a dialogue about the themes of my work and not just the practicalities and methods of creation. Someone finally didn't question why The Progressive Tube Map was a map, and understood that this made a seemly complex dictionary of terms visually simplified and understandable.

We discussed other thing's going on in my life at the moment, as this project is so personal each day has the potential to have something happen that's worth including in it. This afternoon I had my first intro phone call to start counselling that I think will also help me with this project as well as my mental health in general, the potential of unlocking or understanding childhood memories that have contributed to helping me figure out, or even hindered me in discovering that I'm transgender.

In summary, I feel I can continue my project without questioning myself if what I'm doing is okay, from having the assurance that the project is already being understood before it's really even started.


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