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Galaxy Youth Group

During March/April I will be running an arts based programme for the LGBTQ+ Galaxy Youth Group in Stoke-on-Trent. Working with a group of ten young people aged 13-18 each week, most likely the same people but some may change, it is a project that is intended to help the young people with their mental health by using arts and crafts in a therapeutic way. Below is my session plans:

Session 1: 21st Century Teen

  • Create a Sellotape casted sculpture that is gender-neutral to represent all of them

  • Split into two groups: A – start off sellotaping, B – compile and cut out collaging materials for themselves

  • Sellotape group take a body part each, and hand off to a member of group B at half-way point

Session 2a: 21st Century Teen

  • Finish Sellotape sculpture (if necessary)

  • Collage sculpture as a group, create a representation of everyone

Session 2b: The Inspirational

  • Learn about inspirational LGBTQ+ people throughout history

  • Create monoprints of themselves, and those who inspire them using rainbow-coloured printing ink

  • Arrange in a rainbow for display

Session 3: Listen and Interpret

  • Listen to different versions of the same piece of music: original, live, cover

  • Consider how the music makes them feel/what they think of

  • Plan their response to the piece of music

  • Create their painting

Session 4: Rainbow Explosion

  • Planning stage: design shoes and drawstring bag

  • Create a tie-dye t-shirt

Session 5: Rainbow Explosion

  • Making stage: paint their shoes and bag

Session 6: Conceptions of Calm

  • Create a jigsaw puzzle display of how they self-care

  • Brain-storm session to give ideas to everyone as to how they could be self-caring: pamper session, exercise, reading, socialising, playing with pets, music – listening to/playing instrument, films/TV, cooking/baking

  • Draw and colour their puzzle piece to show their methods of self-care/how they would like to self-care


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