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Creating Moontopia - the Moon sculpture!

This week is the intense creative week to bring Moontopia to life. The last two days have been spent clearing the space and setting out designated areas for the show and making the structure for the moon sculpture.

To create the moon I worked with another artist, Katie, using willow reeds and masking tape. Willow is something that b-arts has used lot before to create large animal sculptures to turn into lanterns for parades, but it is not something I'd used myself, but is definitely something I'd use again! We taped two reeds together laying opposite ways to make it stronger as it started going spindly from half way, and would tape several of them together to make the spherical structure. To be honest, I haven't had to put that A in GCSE maths to much use in the last 5 years or so, but I am very thankful I could still remember all those bloody theorems for today calculating the lengths to make sure it was perfectly spherical. It especially came in handy when having to fit lots of singular length reeds in to make sure there wasn't a gap bigger than a hand-span left for when it came to papier macheting it.

I haven't really done any collaborative making since my first couple of weeks in Art Foundation over 5 years ago, and I forgot how much I enjoyed making alongside someone and not having all the final-outcome-pressure fall on my shoulders, it's actually been a really fun couple of days despite how cold it was in the space!


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