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Creating Moontopia - the Moon animation! Part 2

The plan is for the moon sculpture to explode during the show and reveal an actual person as the Moon (Sharon), so I thought it would look really cool to have her watching the audience prior to this reveal once the three teams have gathered in the main middle space. I decided to do this by videoing Sharon's eyes looking around and blinking to then rotoscope, so the audience would feel the presence of this personified character ahead of time.

In total it took over 150 individually drawn frames to put this animation together. As someone who still hasn't done much animation - I had a practice of doing a ball bounce before Felt Right Then, Feels Right Now and opting to pursue a much lengthier project this year, so this is probably the most detailed work I've done to date. The fact that the eyes were that of a real person, and of the character brought to life, meant that there was that much more pressure to really capture it as Sharon's eyes. With her Moon makeup on, her eyelashes were a very lengthy task to get right!


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