• Ashton Blyth

Compiling the footage

The first thing I have to do to start making Defining Moments of a Trans Experience is to compile the footage I already have that can be used, and let that inspire as to what other footage I could add.

And so I have spent/am spending hours watching video after video over the span of 20 years just to see if anything would be good. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there is a lot less footage of when I was little compared to my sister as it was being filmed on cameras with small SD cards, compared to iPhone's with seemingly unlimited storage, but that means when it comes to the last 10 years, the amount of individually dated files that may only have one photo in (and that could just be a saved meme), from three different phones, seems endless...

Whenever I find a video of me or Darcie I'm saving it to my own storage drive under the year just for ease of looking through for more inspiration.