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Chapterising the film (roughly)

1. Introduction

  • General introduction to me, and add that I'm transgender

2. Family

  • Where I was born

  • Who I live with

  • My extended family

3. Coming Out

  • How I came out - who to first

  • Reactions to me coming out

4. Growing up tom-boy

  • Dressing up as male characters

  • Trying to cut my hair short

  • Taking dad's boxers to wear

  • Joining Boys Brigade

  • Football kit

  • Writing about how much I hated myself on all the bathroom tiles

  • Attempting to fit in as a girl

  • Prom

5. Socially transitioning

  • Changing name

  • Going back to college

  • Buying first pair of boxers

  • Getting first binder

  • First suit

  • Affirmation of faith - recognised in the church

  • Period's in men's toilets before jaydess implant settled

6. Feelings

  • Sit-down conversation with my parents about everything

7. Gendercare / Egg-freezing

  • Giving up waiting for NHS, going private

  • Green-light for testosterone providing Vitamin D count rose

  • Told to think about egg-freezing

  • Egg-freezing process

8. Testosterone

  • First t-shot

  • Changes

  • Voice drop

  • Confidence it brought

9. Top surgery

  • Ideally have, and document, top-surgery in the next year or so as part of the project


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