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Boyhood (Richard Linklater, 2014)

Like flipping through another person's family photos, Boyhood is both intriguing and gripping, yet also drags a bit at times. What may seem like insignificant moments in someone's life from an outside perspective, may have been momentous points in their life that have shaped the person they are today: seeing father for first time in over a year, moving house, new family, new schools, dad's new family, and just plain old conversation's with his parents.

Same goes for Defining Moments of a Trans Experience, to me they are the defining moments, to anyone else, they'd question why I consider them defining - which I hope will be explained in the film.

The main actors were allowed to incorporate their personal life experiences into their character’s story arcs, with the script for the following year’s footage being written after watching the previous footage – they only started the film with basic plot points and an ending, no definitive script.

Much like my story, which is still being written, I will have to take this approach to the completion of my film, basic plot points being: top-surgery, and to hopefully transfer my care to the NHS at some point , but beyond that those final chapters of my film are left uncertain.

  • Hand-written text opening

  • Immediately introduced to characters, living situation, parental situation

  • Scenes all in chronological order, skip chunk of time between scenes

  • Including moments that don't add to the story but must have meant something to the writer - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book launch - Mason, Samantha, and new step-brother and step-sister all go

  • Step-dad makes him get a haircut, says it'll make him look like a man instead of a little girl

  • Shows the quick decline of that relationship, step-dad Phil becoming a violent and abusive drunk

  • When it seems like mum (Olivia) is getting into new relationship, it shows the initial flirting, then skips a chunk of time to an established relationship where they're all living together - this happens with both relationships


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