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Birthday cards

Even though my plan is to animate all the backgrounds AFTER animating all the foregrounds, I wanted to animated the background of the first one just to have an idea of what it would look like, and thinking about it I think it would be good to have a more complete looking introduction, considering it's almost like a trailer for the film.

I want to add a bit more to the background layer still, I was able to copy and paste the teddy bear card between layers and alter it's size to sit on the layer of original footage below just right. However, the middle card has all the Tweenies and Doodles on it, and considering I pick up the card and so would have to animated it doing more than just sitting there, that's getting a bit too complicated - or rather, too complicated for me to consider it right now. The last card was pink and from the angle it's quite hard to see defining lines but it's a teddy bear on the front, so I think I may just add some balloons to the middle card and a big number 3 to the last one, or a cake considering that doesn't really move apart from when my OCD forces me to nudge it back in line slightly.


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