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b-arts is like the moon because...

  • b-arts building made out of old spaceship parts

  • Creating little scenarios throughout the space (like with Toy Story army men)

  • Dressing/decorating metal parts to look like spaceship remnants

  • Space above toilet for a sculpture

  • Character that lives under staircase who's building a ladder

  • Holes/cracks in walls to fill with goo or little astronauts

  • Things you can look through to see other things - window to another dimension

  • Cracks in paint - moon craters

  • Floor - surface of the moon

  • Moon landings - sink into surface what is it made of?

  • Things that are unfinished/forgotten about

  • "b-arts is like the moon because"

  • Moon sounds

  • Henry hoovers - spies? Rumbas?

  • Moon's mood changes - interchangeable faces?

  • Never-ending staircase

  • Describing words for the moon, for b-arts

  • Moon as a God

  • Wizard of Oz - Oz fashion

  • Mystique

  • Joseph - Potiphar's servants

  • Static sounds


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