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Another chapter emerges, the 'mix up'

Today I found out that I got removed from the NHS waiting list for a Gender Identity Clinic 3 and a half years ago. It's quite a hard thing to process... I both have and haven't lost that time, but I've been kept in limbo because of a 'mix up'.

I registered with a private gender clinic in September 2017, after the NHS skipped over me for a screening appointment that should have happened 6 weeks after I registered with them in November 2016, but didn't happen until August 2017. I then started on testosterone in May 2018 through GenderCare, and apparently the NHS could have taken over my care only 3 months later if they'd bothered to care about my wellbeing? I'm 99% sure I told them I would be moving house, and my new address over the phone during the screening appointment that happened only two months before we moved, but because that wasn't inputted into their internal system and my address in the main NHS system didn't match, they opted not to send a letter, ring once from a withheld number and leave no voicemail for me to know who was ringing, why, and how to call back - if they actually did do that. Of course, despite my previous postal from them being photocopies of letters addressed to my doctor informing of my registering with their service, and my screening phone call report, this time they couldn't be bothered to let my doctor know I was being discharged so it could be rectified.

I've been told that this isn't how things work now and it shouldn't have happened like that, and when they've put my re-referral into their system I will be at the top of the list, but I don't see how it makes up for so much lost time. Considering how big of a deal this is, it can't exactly not make a chapter in the film... and so chapter 10 emerges - the 'mix up' of my wellbeing!


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