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What am I struggling with most with my art?

For this week we were asked to consider one of two questions:

What am I struggling with most with my art?


What am I enjoying most with my art?

In groups of three we asked open-ended questions (5 minutes reflection, 20 minutes questions - repeat).


  • Relationship between technology and society

  • Technology and humans

  • Behaviour and habits

  • Opposite emotions change to mean the same thing

  • Data pollution

  • Wellbeing

  • What is the connection between these? The individual smaller connections, not the overarching theme?

  • How do your chosen artists find these smaller connections? How do they link these themes to their work? What micro-subjects do they hone in on?

  • Cannot choose one subject to focus on and explore, keeps exploring

  • How do you keep a lid on your explorations, and should you?

  • Maybe continuing to explore, and being sucked into a society that's sucked in to the exploration of technology, is part of the practical work itself?

  • Knows what wants to do practical wise but the research side just grows, hard to concentrate on what already has and feels it's too wide

  • The research has become data-polluted by it non-stop evolving and distracting from a focus


  • George - LGBTQ+ friends, send questionnaire to!

  • Struggling with? Time, job management, enjoying the process

  • Solution: hand in notice at work (or tried to, cut down hours) - now have time to relax and enjoy the art process again

  • G - what is responsible for the positive change in your life? A - me.

  • Use the time to continue working on the animation, but following Jonathan's advice of looking at it as chapters

  • L - What specifically do you enjoy the most in your creative process - brainstorming or making stuff? A - making, feel like I'm enjoying art again, got my motivation back, enjoying how particular bits could come together

  • How does my research questionnaire relate to my practical work?

  • Difference between my positive/negative experiences transitioning compared to people elsewhere in the world


  • What is the meaning of life?

  • Science, the big bang, atoms

  • Feelings and emotions of life vs death - where we go when we die

  • Installation of five chapters:

1) Light and the elements, first steps of existence

2) How we're selected to be born, AI people

3) Performance piece, dancers, create the stress, hustle and bustle of life but also that contemplative reflection and freedom he experiences in a techno rave

4) Death - not respected in the same way as birth like it used to be

5) Meditative calmness of the afterlife - Buddhism, reincarnation

  • Creating a contemplative space for people based on own experiences of stress vs calm

  • Doesn't want to narrow down this broad subject, but maybe he has to some extent? From 'what is life?' to the overwhelming emotions, or lack of, felt in these moments. Either by the person or by those around them and how it connects us all together, how we're connected to people on these experiences?


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