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Great scholar = great listener

Experimental group tutorials: What is the biggest challenge with your work?

  • 6 minute silence - problem, challenge, choice

  • 20 minutes open questions

  • 5 minutes reflect and write thoughts (all three people)

  • Repeat process

Open vs closed questions:

Tell us about the process you used in this work? vs Is this oil paint?

How does it feel when you are doing this? vs Do you enjoy doing this?

What is the biggest challenge with your work?

  • To be vulnerable

  • To expose myself to the negatives of looking back on my childhood

In a group with Xinyue and Molly.


  • Topic to start working on, choices feel to general

  • Philosophy term 'the other', being watched, under pressure, paying too much attention to what other people think

  • Couldn't give general answers about feelings and speak for other people

  • Eyes of Buddha as a starting point

  • Start with broken eyes - as the Buddha is high above society, but Buddhism is also within people

Group change due to people needing to leave, changed groups to be with Eirini, Tanya and Donald.


  • Previously looking at myths, now looking at philosophy, the sea, the fluidity of her connection with the sea

  • Bodies of Water book by Astrida Neimanis

  • Uses fluid materials that connect to the sea, rather than rigid, structural materials like sculpture

  • What would your work look like with fixed structural elements?

  • Won't create without a preliminary design

  • Going through psychotherapy that's helping to pen the scattered thoughts and uncover parts of herself


  • Let myself be vulnerable while reflecting

  • Talk to NSPCC about PTSD with children

  • Tanya - narrative therapy apps that help children with PTSD

  • Do I think this project has a reach beyond those with gender dysphoria? Yes, those general feelings of un-comfortability that are experienced universally

  • How do I think this can help support people going through this and their support systems? Showing how I was supported, what worked for me and what didn't, how I supported myself and coped with things, resources available for support, people you can talk to - a sense of not being alone established


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