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Us and We

This week was the start of everyone sharing a bit about themselves and their practice. We started off the session by watching an advert from TV2 Denmark, that showed how even when people are perceived to be completely different from us, when you don't consider those stereotypes based on our outward appearances and apparent lifestyle choices, we all have a lot of things in common that we may not have considered at first.

"So maybe there’s more that brings us together than we think." - ALL THAT WE SHARE, TV2 Denmark

We were able to get through the majority of the group's presentations in the two hours. Finding out that we have a lot of people working with digital as a medium, as opposed to physical artworks - myself included in that as of late. Despite the course being titled Fine Art: Digital, having come from a BA where the majority of people were creating physical paintings and sculptures, without much representation of digital work, I was still surprised at the amount of people working in these mediums. However, what I found most fascinating to see was the lengths at which people were able to take this medium, all running with it in completely different directions: photography, hand and digitally-edited photography, video installations, recorded performance, animation and music. There are also several painters on the course, working with oils and acrylics, as well as sculptors and print-makers. Overall, I think we cover a broad range of mediums and concepts between us - identity and human connection being a frequent topic of choice, meaning that if we want to experiment outside of our comfort zone, there's someone on-hand for tips and advice about the processes.

I look forward to hearing the rest of the group's presentations next week, and finally pinning down where to start with my work this year...


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