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The selfish collaborator

Make lots of things

Practice based research

Noticing lots of things

Apocalyptic - what do you think of when you hear this word?

  • The demise of something

  • Out of control

  • The unknown

  • Pull back the curtain

  • Chaos and demise

  • The colour red

  • Judgement

  • Uncover

  • Restart

  • Zombies

  • Lift the veil

What do we see now, that was previously hidden?

  • Architecture designed to stop people sleeping on benches

  • Bench where you have to pay for the spikes to go down for a minute - a noise lets you know the spikes are coming back up - not very deaf friendly!

  • Ruha Benjamin - Race After Technology book

  • AI becoming racist and sexist on its own - soap dispenser not working for an individual with darker skin due to infrared absorption

  • Hope - things can change, but they will be hard won

2 question - noticing the times we live in...

  1. What is the worst you have seen?

  2. What have you seen or done, that generates hope?

In a group with George and Joanne:


  1. Verbally abused by a woman for using female toilets - took place after I'd cut my hair off, but had yet to start medically transitioning, so would have appeared as a butch lesbian

  2. My artwork and practice as a whole... I hope


  1. Working with a big company where they lighten Asian and black skin tones - using dark skinned Italian man as a black model

  2. Tries to make these companies feel uncomfortable about their choices, and actively not do that and talk about not doing that to others to spread awareness


  1. "I am not Chinese, I am..." t-shirts stating they are Asian, but not Chinese because of the pandemic

What can artists do?

  • Reflect - slow-see-understand

  • Power of making - our (plural) ability to create

  • Listen - take time to really hear

We are not the sole authors of our story, we must share credit with our circumstances (a difficult and selfish collaborator).


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