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The Role of the Practitioner

What have you done so far?

I was unsure as to where to start, I had an idea for a big Sellotape sculpture installation, I was considering the idea of making some large charcoal drawings, and I had some unresolved ideas for more short animations.

What have you discovered so far?

After being interviewed by Dean Hamer and having him say that I should definitely be making more animations and sharing my experiences was what answered that for me.

What will you change because of what you have discovered?

So I am now working on the intro to a short animation that will contain lots of moments throughout my life that I feel have contributed to me understanding who I am.

"I was just playing with other materials before I started making films."

This is something Gia said in our small group discussion, I loved it so much I couldn't help including it as a quote. It makes me reflect on all my previous work and just go "Wow. That's exactly what I was doing!"

Things I want to reflect on while compiling my raw footage for the film:

In what ways do I want my film to help/connect with people?

And so, what moments from my life do I think will do that and why?


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