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Research Paper Introduction

  • Research paper - 3-4,000 words

  • Research question

  • Issue or theoretical concern

  • Not refer directly to your own work, instead you write about the context

  • Write a coherent argument

  • Critically contextualise the issue

  • Approximately 10 citations

  • Images

  • Essay - subjective / research paper - attempting to be more objective


  • How does the trans experience differ? When will it not?

  • Look at trans artists Ebenezer Galluzo, Evan Schwartz, Cassils, Sade Mica

  • The overlooked crisis of trans people in the UK and USA specifically

  • My own work sits in the context of the differences in the key moments in my life (as a trans person) versus a cisgender person

  • Changing laws in the world at the moment: Trans conversion therapy - UK, Texas laws on child abuse

Questionnaire for public:

  • What part of the world are you from?

  • What year were you born?

  • Age when discovered they were trans?

  • Age when came out?

  • How/when did you first hear the word trans?

  • How/when did you first hear the gender identity term you most identify with?


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