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This session was mainly about preparing us, for both the interim show and the assessment in less than three weeks.

We discussed the practicalities of the show - the space, how people could physically install work if they came for the show, and how those who would not be there are able to create a collection of works on screens.

Jonathan showed us some of the Unit 1 Assessment blogs of the second year's, and talked through what we should/shouldn't be doing for the assessment - in what ways can we highlight the most important parts of our work so far.

What do you see where you are right now?

  • My computer and graphics tablet

  • Rubik's cubes

  • Fidget toys

  • Calendar with the deadline highlighted in red

What does it mean?

  • I need to stop fidgeting and procrastinating and get on with the deadline work!!

Clarity of vision

"To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, religion - all in one. Drawing makes you look intently, and with purpose. It makes you see differently." - John Ruskin

What is going on in this picture?

What do you see that makes you say that?

Why do you think that?

What more can you find?

Repeat. Repeat again. And again...

  • Young, similar-age, dressed the same, good looking - most likely male models doing a shoot

  • Wearing such similar clothes suggests modelling winter collection for a fashion house

  • Director with video camera - has a mic

  • Girl interrupting, looks like she's mid-dancing

  • Traffic lights aren't that of the UK

  • Architecture suggests Europe - France or Italy

  • Tram behind confirms Europe - maybe Prague

  • External and internal lights on in building behind


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