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Practice-based Research

Something we've spoke about recently in the group sessions is reflection, which I know is something I need to document more of.

In groups of three we asked each other:

What barriers do you think there are for you in practice based research?

And had to respond to each other:

  1. How can a reflective process help you develop your work?

  2. Use the questions you asked yourself last week - how did things develop?

  3. Be honest - what did you achieve? What caused problems and what was successful?

I need to be constantly reflecting on how looking back at these points in my life makes me feel and why is it making me feel that way. As well as reflect on my previous work pre-transitioning - look at the link between my work then and now in comparison to my sense of 'self' then and now. Facing these harsh realities of my emotions in these points in my life is part of a relevant reflective practice for me right now.

Practice-based research: How do I feel about it?

  • Exploring what moments in my life have contributed to understanding my gender identity - difficult subject at times, but finding it interesting and helpful in my understanding of myself today.

  • Looking at how other animations/filmmakers have translated lived truths (their own and others) / personal experiences in film.

  • Will be speaking to other trans artists to find out about what moments they feel contributed to their understanding of self - see what is in common with my own / what differs etc.

Practice-based research: What is it in my own practice?

  • Explore animating digitally rather than by hand less time-consuming, means I can create more

  • Currently compiling the raw footage to animate from


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