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Honesty, Vulnerability and Discussion... Revised.

My first post on here was titled 'Honesty, Vulnerability and Discussion...', but upon reflection from yesterday's session, I don't think I've created a space that allows myself to do this. By attaching my blog to my website, I think I'm always going to be semi-conscious that anybody can be reading it, and present and edit my posts with that in mind - I polish them rather than seeing them as journal-like stepping stones while creating my work. And so I've made the decision to hide the blog page on my website and make it password protected, so that only people with the link can actually get to it. I'm hoping this will make me blog more, and see it as less of an afterthought, catching up on myself after a burst of practical work where it has felt like the blog itself is practical work that's neatened and curated, even though it shouldn't be.


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