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How do you motivate yourself?

  • Food - Justin

  • Fear - Sophie

  • Last minute - Vlad

  • Getting older - Donald

  • Part of a team - Sophie

How to be an explorer?

What advice would you give yourself? Three statements.

Group with Molly, Andrea and Torus:

  • How far could explore opportunities, never say no - Molly

  • Having no fear, of what you could explore and what others say you should - Ashton

  • The pioneer, mapping what has yet to be mapped - Andrea

  • Different definitions of explorer - small/large-scale in travel, emotionally, physically etc. - Ashton

  • Depends on the person - Andrea

  • Two different energies within an individual, need for progression, but also need for stability - Andrea

  • Focus on the journey (that's the exploration), not the end goal - Andrea

  • Consciously choosing vs forced exploration - Jonathan

Our final three (plus one) statements being:

  1. Exploring your limitations/boundaries and pushing yourself

  2. Definition of explorer is dependent on the individual

  3. Having no fear of what you should explore/what others think of what you're exploring - things are large-scale for different people emotionally/travel-wise/psychologically

  4. Don't worry too much about the end goal, focus on what you're learning on the journey - that's the exploration

Learning Outcomes - Unit 1:

LO1: Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Study Statement. (AC Enquiry)

LO2: Implement appropriate working methods for building an independent and effective self-organisation that enables the critical engagement with practice-based research. (AC Process)

LO3: Communicate a critical understanding of your developing practice. (AC Knowledge, AC Communication)

Back in our groups, we were each tasked with simplifying a different Learning Objective, our group's being LO3. We re-worded it to be:

To show the journey of how my work has progressed, why I've made each decision and evaluating the results, in a way that a person can understand my train of thought.


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