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Last minute change

Today we met our research paper supervisors and gave a short presentation on what our paper would be about. Originally, my intention was to look at how the trans experience differs, and how it differs from country to country due to law-changes over time. However, I decided that this would leave me looking at case studies rather than artist's and I'd potentially find it quite hard to keep my own opinion out of it, considering my own experiences with wait lists.

I've decided to look at the impact of the non-cisgender body in contemporary art. Looking into the history of beyond the binary representation in history, looking at other cultures and literature.

Ideas notes:

  • Marc Quinn - Thomas Beatie, Allanah and Buck

  • Thomas Beatie statue comparable to Michelangelo's David and statues of the Virgin Mary

  • Sleeping Hermaphroditus

  • Antony Gormley - Settlement I displayed next to Sleeping Hermaphroditus

  • Cassils - poster to advertise Homosexualities show in Berlin, taken down when found out he was born female as image was deemed "sexualized" and "sexist"

  • Donatello's David vs Michelangelo's David

  • Hawai'i history of mahu and a middle representation

  • Native American's history of 5 genders

  • Do non-cis people feel represented in art?


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